Adding New Floor on Cisco Catalyst Center (DNAC) Hierarchy

Adding New Floor on Cisco Catalyst Center (DNAC) Hierarchy

Cisco Catalyst Center(DNAC) is a complete management and control platform for your network, designed, created, and implemented by Cisco. 

This single, extensible software platform includes integrated tools for network management, automation, virtualization, analytics and assurance, security, and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity and can also interface with your business-critical tools.

Lets start with the Floor addition to Cisco Catalyst Center(DNAC) Hierarchy

⭐Step 1: To add floors to a building, click on gear on Add Site above the map. Select Add Floor option. Design->Network Hierarchy->Add Site->Add Floor

Floor Hierarchy
Fig 1.2-Floor Hierarchy

Step 2: Fill in the floor details when the window as shown loads. When the Parent box is set to Global, pick the parent area as the specific building for the new floor. 

Enter the RF model type and the floor measurements. Including a floor image aids in subsequently capturing the position of APs as well as the visualization of the coverage heatmap.

DNAC Floor Details
Fig 1.3-DNAC Floor Details

Step 3: Any such floor added will appear in Network Hierarchy in that specific site. Repeat the above step for other sites.

Step 4: Click on the gear icon to the right of Floor added in Network hierarchy, and select the option to add a Floor Map. This would help visualize AP heatmap coverage. 

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