Cisco DNA Center : RMA Workflow

Today we are going to discuss on the RMA workflow in DNA Center in order to minimize the efforts and the process is smooth while you are replacing the faulty device with the new one in DNA Center.

The purpose of the RMA workflow is to help and replace the faulty device and transfer the relevant configuration to the new device. 

Before we started, Make sure you will keep this in your mind while doing RMA process in DNA Center

  • Both faulty and replacement devices have the same extension cards.
  • The number of ports in both devices does not vary because of extension cards.
  • The faulty device is managed by Cisco DNA Center with a static IP. (RMA is not supported for devices that are managed by Cisco DNA Center with a DHCP IP.)

Step 1: Login to DNA center and Navigate to Provision --> Inventory

Step 2: You see the Actions in the inventory, click on Actions--> Inventory --> Device Replacement --> Mark device for Replacement

Fig 1.1- Faulty Device Marked for Replacement

Step 3: From the inventory drop-down list, choose Marked for replacement 

Fig 1.2 - Faulty device selection

Step 4: Select the device and choose Actions --> Replace Device

Fig 1.3 - Faulty device ready to replace

Step 5: select the new device as replacement one and start the workflow

Fig 1.4- Select the new device as RMA Workflow

Step 6: Check the old and new device details 

Fig 1.5- Old and New Device details

Step 7: Once you completed, you will started with the workflow and you will see the below screen on the DNA Center

Fig 1.6- RMA Workflow Started

Step 8: Monitor the workflow, there are 14 steps to complete in the workflow

Fig 1.7- 14 steps started 

Once you see all these 14 steps completed, you will see that faulty device will be removed from the inventory and new device will take that role with the same name, license, Image and configurations.

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