Cisco SDWAN: How to unlock an account on vEdge via vManage in 3 steps

Today we are going to discuss about the unlocking of the account on vEdge via vManage. The issue arise when you trying to login to the vEdge but it says "Account locked due to x failed login attempts, where X is any number.

    Step 1: Lets start with login on the vManage below

Fig 1.1- vManage Login

Step 2: For this kind of the issue, just Navigate to 
As shown below in the picture, Navigate to vManage --> Tools --> Operational commands

Fig 1.2- Navigate to Operational Commands

Step 3: Once you are in the operational commands, find the device which required the reset of the user account and check the "..." at the end, click there and click on the "Reset Locked user" and you are set to resolve the issue of the locked user and you will gonna login to the vEdge now. Check the below image for more understanding

Fig 1.3- Reset locked User

So if you see above, click on the Reset Locked user and then select the user like "admin" and proceed. It will reset and then you will login to the vEdge again without any issues.