Cisco SDWAN : Cisco Plug-and-Play Connect

Cisco SDWAN : Cisco Plug-and-Play Connect

Before we start with the Cisco SDWAN Plug-and-Play Connect, you may aware that we need to add the device in the Cisco Smart account and also needs to add on the Plug-and-Play Connect portal, Once done, you need to resync the device inventory on the Viptela vManage in order to see the device there.

Fig 1.1- Cisco Plug-and-Play Connect

Cisco Plug-and-Play (PnP)
The Cisco Plug-and-Play (PnP) Connect portal will automatically accept devices manufactured as part of the Cisco Commerce Order, and which have been assigned a Smart and Virtual Account. Admins can view all network devices purchased through the Plug-and-Play portal.

In order to whitelist the Cisco SDWAN solution, the WAN Edge devices must have a vBond controller profile in the Plug and Play Connect portal, which allows the routers to join the Cisco SDWAN overlay network.

In order for the router to join the overlay network successfully, the vBond controller profile must contain information such as the Organization name, the vBond IP address, and the server root-ca.

Based on the Smart Account and Virtual Account details of Cisco cloud-hosted SD-WAN controllers, the controller profile is automatically created. It is necessary to create the controller profile manually for Cisco SDWAN deployments on-premises.

WAN device in Plug-and-Play Connect Portal

Step 1:  To add the physical WAN Edge devices (vEdge/cEdge) to the Plug and Play Connect portal, log into Cisco Software Central > Network Plug and Play > Plug and Play Connect and under the Devices tab click Add Devices to add the devices to the portal.

Step 2: Under the Identify Source section, select the option Enter Device Info manually.
Click Next as shown below in the image.

Step 3: Click Identify Device to add the device. Input serial number and Base PID parameters in the Identity Device popup window. The next step provides ways to gather 
the information needed to input in the fields.

Step 4: The below steps show how to gather important information of the device that is needed to input it in the Plug-and-Play portal. The steps are categorized for IOS-XE Cisco SDWAN and vEdge Cisco SDWAN

For Cisco IOS-XE SDWAN devices: Check for the below commands to verify
NDNA-C8300# show license udi
NDNA-C8300# show crypto pki certificates CISCO_IDEVID_SUDI

For vEdge device: run the below command to verify
NDNA-vEdge# show certificate serial 
Chassis number: 11OG11745278 Board ID serial number: 1001F0FSA

Step 5: Review all the inputs and click on the submit button. Verify the device is successfully added to the Plug-and-Play Connect portal and associated with the vBond controller profile