Cisco Catalyst Center (DNAC) Assurance issue and Workaround

Cisco Catalyst Center (DNAC) Assurance issue and Workaround

The purpose of Cisco DNAC Assurance is to give better visibility into what's going on in the network so that problems may be identified and resolved more quickly.  It has capabilities such as real-time telemetry, which notifies users of network issues that require attention.

It provides guided processes for NetOps, AIOps, SecOps, and DevOps jobs. In addition, the platform gives comprehensive contextual visibility into the user application experience through historical, real-time, and predictive data across people, devices, apps, and the network.

Cisco Catalyst center (DNAC) Maglev

Issue and the resolution: Cisco DNAC Assurance

After onboarding Cisco Access Points on Cisco Catalyst Center (DNAC), if we see incomplete assurance data or we have problem with no assurance data at all in device 360 then we need to restart the "assurance" service from Cisco Catalyst Center (DNAC) Maglev CLI. Make sure you have Cisco Catalyst Center (DNAC) maglev credentials in order to perform that activity.

⭐Step 1: Login to your DNAC using your putty/SecureCRT with the below 

SSH <DNAC IP> port 2222 as shown below:
(ssh -p 2222 maglev@ where is DNAC ip address

⭐Step 2: Now on the Cisco Catalyst Center (DNAC) you need to find the assurance service docker instance

$magctl appstack status | grep assurance-2

ndp    pipelineruntime-taksmgr-assurance-2-cfddc9f7-b2khf   1/1   Running   23  

⭐Step 3: Now you need to restart the above service as we discuss, it will recycle assurance-2 service

$magctl service restart -d pipelineruntime-taksmgr-assurance-2-cfddc9f7-b2khf

Once you restart it will hard restart the service and you will see the Cisco Access points showing the assurance data in Cisco Catalyst center (DNAC) device 360 page now.

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