Cisco DNA center and intelligent capture architecture

Today we are going to talk about the intelligent capture architecture used in Cisco DNA center for the wireless infrastructure. The article with show the how the process follows when we use the intelligent capture. 

It is important to configure NTP across all components in order to run the intelligent capture. Below are the key things we can achieve by running the intelligent capture

  • Automated Access points Radio Anomalies
  • Spectrum Analysis
  • VIP assurance and RF Scanner
  • Automated PCAP and RF Stats
  • On demand PCAP, AP and Client monitors

So with the intelligent capture you will get real time event viewer and automated filtered packet capture. You will get the Real-time Client location Map, Real-Time Client RF Stat Graph, AP4800 3rd radio Full packet capture, Real-Time Application Analyzer integration, Packet Capture across multiple APs and Wireless Decrypted Packet Capture

Fig 1.1- Intelligent Capture Architecture

Streaming Telemetry

  • AP data exported directly to northbound system gRPC (HTTP 2.0)
  • Real time Client RF stats and AP (programmable up to 5 sec). 
  • Anomalies based PCAP, Anomaly Events, Spectrum Data.
  • Events or Anomalies: onboarding, RRM, AP and AAA failure
  • KPI & Stats for Clients, AP, WLC, Rogue, Application Usages