Cisco Meraki Launches MX650

Cisco Meraki Launches MX650 

New announcement from Cisco Meraki to help you in a very large environment where the site to site throughput required more than 25Gbps. Cisco Meraki launches a new beast device Cisco Meraki MX650 to take its portfolio towards large infrastructure.

The Meraki MX650 is a security and SD-WAN appliance that offers VPN Concentration services for big VPN networks. It is perfect for network administrators that require both ease of use and cutting-edge feature sets. The Meraki dashboard enables the MX650 to be deployed quickly and easily in practically any place.

The MX650 is excellent for datacenter environments that require a high concentration of VPN topologies. Currently, it can only be deployed as a single-armed concentrator, which Meraki also recommends for DC deployments.

When placing a Meraki MX on a DC, it is advised that it be configured as a HUB, with all tunnels from the branches terminated. A second one can be deployed in warm spare mode for redundancy, with no additional licenses required.

Cisco Meraki Launches MX650
Fig 1.1- Cisco Meraki Launches MX650 

If you have two datacenters, you can use the DC-DC failover design, which routes traffic to the primary HUB and then fails over to the secondary one in the event of a disaster. 

Supported Features 

  • VPN Concentrator Mode
  • Traffic Analytics (DPI, NBAR)
  • Client Details Reporting
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IPS)
  • Layer 3 Firewall Rules
  • eBGP
  • AutoVPN
  • IPSec VPN

Comparing with Meraki MX450 

The MX650 has approximately 5.5 times more VPN throughput (25Gbps) and twice as much advanced security compared to the MX450. It supports an impressive amount of VPN tunnels and devices.

Cisco Meraki MX650, some numbers to compare it with Cisco Meraki MX450 

  • Site-to-Site Throughput - 25 Gbps
  • Advanced Security - 16 Gbps
  • Site-to-Site Tunnels - 10 000
  • Device Count - 50 000

Cisco Meraki MX450

  • Site-to-Site Throughput - 4.5 Gbps
  • Advanced Security - 7 Gbps
  • Site-to-Site Tunnels - 1 500
  • Device Count - 10 000

Here is the full Datasheet in case you are checking the full specs 

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