Introduction to VeloCloud SD-WAN Solution

Today I am going to talk about the another article on the Software defined networking and that is SD-WAN. SD-WAN stands for the software defined WAN. Earlier i talk about the SD-WAN solution from the Viptela which is now acquired by Cisco systems.

As I earlier talked about the SD-WAN architecture and the main focus on the control, Data and management plane. 

The intent is to separate the Data and control plane from the devices. Data plane as usual will be there at the box level (Routers, switches) while separated the control plane to centralized management systems where all decisions will be taken care.

Vmware Velocloud uses the same concept of separate control plane and data plane layers increase network service agility as intelligence is moved from the data plane into the programmable control plane. The VeloCloud architecture is transport independent, operates across any combination of public or private circuits, and enables secure connectivity to enterprise data centers, cloud compute and SaaS applications.

Fig 1.1- VeloCloud Architecture
How much security do we have in the VeloCloud solution ?
If we talk about the security in the VeloCloud Fabric cloud solution, it uses AES as a standard based encryption which will enable to provide the secure connectivity over any kind of links which creates a secure cloud network. VeloCloud SD-WAN devices are authenticated to the SD-WAN management plane, assigned business policies and then granted access to the secure cloud network.

What is the architecture of the VeloCloud SD-WAN solution ?
Well talk about the VeloCloud SD-WAN solution, it uses transport over the MPLS or internet for accessing the enterprise or cloud based applications. On top of it VeloCloud has business driven orchestration layer for automation and virtual service insertion.

Orchestration & Analytics
The VeloCloud deploy the orchestration layer which provides the control plane for forwarding traffic to and from on-premise and cloud nodes, flexibly across the multiple underlying transports and with the policy based driven insertion of distributed network services. This orchestration layer is fail safe, highly resilient and simplifies end user deployments.

Virtual Service Delivery
Based on the type of service required to use the VeloCloud SD-WAN solution, the services are delivered at the branch, in the private data center or in the cloud. Service providers can leverage the VeloCloud architecture to deliver managed CPE offerings with dynamic services called network functions or services virtualization.