Introduction to Fortinet SDWAN

Introduction to Fortinet SDWAN 

In addition to enabling organizations to use WAN services more economically and effectively, SD-WAN also gives users more control over customer engagement, process optimization, and innovation.

It is possible to optimize application traffic with the use of WAN innovations that utilize additional carrier links to provide redundancy, load-balancing, and redundancy.

For the foreseeable future, SD-WAN solutions will continue to grow as a robust market due to the fact that they make WAN management more cost-effective.

According to SD-WAN experts and analysts, the best SD-WAN depends on the performance requirements of the organization's applications, as well as the organization's desire for cloud onramps and management centralized to reduce complexity in operating the SD-WAN.

A network firewall solution is also recommended in conjunction with SD-WAN for addressing security issues, since SD-WAN exposes branches directly to the internet.

Fortinet SDWAN
Businesses need a comprehensive SD-WAN solution like Fortinet Secure SD-WAN to meet these business requirements, the only one that is both secure and flexible for deployment across any size organization.

Fig 1.1- Fortinet SDWAN

Rather than separately controlling WAN routers, WAN optimization, and security devices like firewalls and secure web gateways (SWGs), FortiGate Secure SD-WAN integrates these into a single FortiGate NGFW.

By advancing efficiency without compromising security, FortiGate provides next-generation security and networking capabilities. With Fortinet SDWAN, you can provide visibility and prevention against malware with SSL inspection and threat protection.

With Web filtering, internet security can be enforced and complexity is reduced, eliminating the need for separate SWG devices. The SDWAN solution offered by Fortinet is highly scalable, and IPsec VPN tunnels can be established to ensure that traffic is always encrypted and confidential.

Fortinet SDWAN With features such as application awareness, automated path intelligence, and WAN intelligence, this solution provides performance and featuring security-driven networking for branch networks, FortiGate Secure SD-WAN delivers exceptional performance coupled with automated path intelligence and fast application identification.

  • Zero-touch deployment
  • Single-pane-of-glass management
  • Low Latency access to distributed cloud.
  • Effortless WAN Efficiency
  • Automated path intelligence
  • Automatic failover
  • WAN path remediation
  • Tunnel bandwidth aggregation
  • Prioritize applications
  • Simplified Management and Industry-Best TCO

We will discuss all these features in details one by one, stay connected