Cisco SDWAN: Exploring the Future of analytics with PPR

Cisco SDWAN: Exploring the Future of analytics with PPR

We already talked about Cisco SDWAN vAnalytics, where as a WAN analytics engine, Cisco SDWAN vAnalytics provides assurance and analytics to support intent-based networking. In order to diagnose and resolve WAN issues, IT can use this tool to obtain visibility and insight. As an added benefit, Cisco SDWAN vAnalytics provides intelligence data analysis for what-if scenarios and planning.

Cisco SDWAN transforms network operations by safely and reliably connecting users across multicloud, branches, data centers, and hybrid workforces to create improved experiences. Cisco has taken additional measures to simplify network operations through the use of Cisco vAnalytics and Cisco ThousandEyes.

As you know, In a highly visible and simplified manner, Cisco vAnalytics gathers a significant number of telemetry data and links application performance with underlying networks for operational insights. vAnalytics improves network visibility, provides historical benchmarks, and speeds up root-cause isolation, allowing companies to take remedial steps and have complete control over the user experience.

Cisco SDWAN and ThousandEyes integration provides end-to-end insight into application delivery and network performance beyond traditional business network boundaries. This integration offers the only SD-WAN solution with turnkey ThousandEyes vantage points, offering the best application experience across any network.

What's new now ? What is this Predictive Path Recommendations (PPR) ?

Cisco has advanced network analytics by delivering Predictive Path Recommendations (PPR). PPR, driven by ThousandEyes WAN Insights, is in line with Cisco's Predictive Networks goal. 

Cisco SDWAN Predictive Path Recommendations
Fig 1.1-Cisco SDWAN Predictive Path Recommendations

It anticipates probable network failures and proposes relevant policy modifications to reduce difficulties before they damage your users' experience. It also offers data-driven analysis to help deploy network modifications that are required to improve and maintain a consistent application experience.

It very much early to talk about the new feature set and the capability what Cisco is saying in their article below but we can wait until we will come up with the full explanation of the feature and how it will help customers to get more insights in their network. Stay tuned 👍👍

Cisco Analytics: Predictive Path Recommendations