Introduction to Viptela SDWAN solution

Before starting with the SD-WAN solution. I would like to talk about Fabric a little bit, So Fabric is a cloud delivered network that is secure, scalable, open and simple to deploy and if we talk about the Viptela Fabric solution, it enables an Enterprise to extend its network footprint to all infrastructure elements using a single platform. This includes branches, campus, remote sites, Cloud and data center.

What is the basic feature of the Fabric enabled SD solution ?
So SD-WAN so called Software Defined WAN solution, where control plane or management plane is separated from the physical devices, while in the Viptela solution we have following architecture, where we have data-plane on the physical devices (obviously), Control Plane by VSmart or VBond Management tool, Management Plane via VManage and Orchestration plane.

So below is the high level architecture view of the Viptela Managed SD-WAN solution

Fig 1.1- Viptela SD-WAN Solution

The traditional WAN challenge is to connect various sites, branches, stores, remote-locations, campuses and DCs. This network to be sophisticated with routing, path selection, security, segmentation etc.

Connectivity to the cloud
In the today's era everyone wants to connect to the cloud and want to access the application on the public or private cloud and the network is fast evolving to be application aware so that it must choose the most optimal way to connect to IaaS / SaaS infrastructure. With a variety of constraints posed by SaaS providers (e.g. Microsoft Office 365, SFDC and Concur) and Cloud infrastructure providers (AWS and Azure), connecting into the cloud must deliver on resiliency, application experience, optimal access and security.

This network is simple at the edges but enormous in scale. With advent of Industrial IOT and other digital devices that want to talk to the network, what becomes most critical are the elements of scale, security and analytics.

Now let's talk about how the architecture works in the Viptela SD-WAN solution

The Viptela Fabric is built on using of time-tested and proven principles of networking but the sophistication is wrapped in a simplified delivery model.

  • vEdge : An Edge platform (vEdge) built for wide ranging applications– ranging from homes, branches, data centers to virtualized environments like NFV and Cloud.
  • vSmart, vManage: A multi-tenant cloud element that provides control & management (vSmart, vManage)
  • vAnalytics : An analytics engine (vAnalytics) that obtains application, user and network characteristics to provide predictive analysis and tools for better decision making
  • vOrchestrator: An orchestration layer (vOrchestrator) that automates & simplifies the provisioning of the infrastructure
Fig 1.2- Viptela SD-WAN connectivity to Cloud, Naas, SD-WAN, AppUX

The Viptela Fabric offers a single, unified infrastructure to enable network transformation in the enterprise

  • High scale architecture that can span tens of thousands of nodes and elements
  • Inbuilt zero-trust security – with encryption, PKI, segmentation and automatic access control
  • Open architecture for northbound API automation and southbound integration with Security, Cloud and data center virtualization infrastructure
  • Cloud delivered – simple to operationalize with cloud delivered economics
  • Extending workloads to AWS, Azure
  • Enabling Hybrid IT transformation