Part 1 : Cisco SD-WAN vAnalytics

Cisco SD-WAN vAnalytics 

In our first article of Cisco SD-WAN vAnalytics, we will talk about what Cisco SD-WAN vAnalytics is all about, Prerequisites and the restrictions. Later in second part we will go with the enabling of the Cisco SD-WAN vAnalytics.

As a WAN analytics engine, Cisco SD-WAN vAnalytics provides assurance and analytics to support intent-based networking. In order to diagnose and resolve WAN issues, IT can use this tool to obtain visibility and insight. As an added benefit, Cisco SD-WAN vAnalytics provides intelligence data analysis for what-if scenarios and planning.

Fig 1.1- Cisco SD-WAN vAnalytics Dashboard

The ability to view applications and infrastructure across the WAN in comprehensive detail. Correlates failures, benchmarks cross-customer applications, and provides performance scores in real-time.

Analyzes applications and bandwidth, analyses branch expansion, and analyses policy changes to enable future planning. For predictable performance of applications, recommendations for categorizing and changing Quality of Service (QoS) policies are provided

The following options must be configured in Cisco vManage to use Cisco vAnalytics

  • An overlay must be onboarded to Cisco vAnalytics. If an overlay is not onboarded
  • Configure app-visibility
  • Set up the servers for the network time protocol (NTP). On each controller and device in the Cisco SD-WAN fabric, NTP must be set up to synchronize time.

Some of the Restrictions

  • Statistics for apps that use the Direct Internet Access (DIA) exit are only presented if Cloud onRamp for SaaS is enabled for those applications.
  • Enable Cloud onRamp for SaaS for the custom application to observe statistics for custom apps passing via the DIA exit. The custom application name must be the same as the name of the application list in Cloud onRamp for SaaS.
  • Only the egress traffic is accounted for by Cisco vAnalytics. As a result, there can be differences in the statistics supplied by Cisco vManage and Cisco vAnalytics about application utilization.
  • Only the sites and circuits that were actively used by application traffic on the overlay are revealed by Cisco vAnalytics. Unused locations and circuits are not accessible for insights.
  • The M365 family of applications' path-telemetry data is presently only accessible with Cisco vAnalytics deployments in the Americas (West) region (under the Path Analytics tab in the Application 360 page). Contact your Account representative to request this functionality for more vAnalytics territories.
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