Cisco SDWAN : Enable onRamp on vManage

Cisco SDWAN : Enable onRamp on vManage

In order to maintain seamless user-to-SaaS application performance, Cisco SD-WAN has developed a cloud networking solution called Cloud OnRamp for SaaS, which uses real-time path probing data.

In addition to Webex by Cisco, Microsoft 365, Salesforce, and Google Apps, this solution supports many other top business-critical applications.

By sending probes to all possible paths to SaaS applications, Cisco SD-WAN Cloud OnRamp for SaaS continuously monitors all possible paths, and then, based on probe latency and loss, selects the best path for routing the traffic, ensuring fast, reliable, and efficient connectivity.

Quality-of-Experience (QoE) scores are calculated using probe loss and latency values in Cisco vManage, Cisco SD-WAN's management plane, which provides network administrators with insight into network path performance over time, allowing them to troubleshoot and improve the user experience.

Lets see how to enable the onRamp on Cisco SDWAN vManage.

Step 1: Navigate to Configuration --> Cloud onRamp for SaaS

Fig 1.1- Cisco SDWAN : onRamp

Step 2: Once you clicked on the Cloud onRamp for SaaS, On the right side you will see "Manage cloud onRamp for SaaS. Click there, you will see different options, Click on the Direct internet Access sites (DIA) as shown below

Fig 1.2- Cisco SDWAN : onRamp

Step 3: Now Attach DIA sites as shown below, When you are attaching devices, there are two options and these are ( Cisco OS - cEdge and Viptela OS - vEdge), Select the device which needs to be added on the DIA sites.

Now once you selected, you need to search for the site which will be part of the onRamp for SaaS.

Fig 1.3- Cisco SDWAN : onRamp

Step 4: Search for the site which needs to be added and then attach the site as shown below

Fig 1.4- Cisco SDWAN : onRamp

Once you attached, you need to check using the below commands from the CLI interface as shown below. These commands can be checked after device attached to the onRamp for Cisco SDWAN. 

   NDNA_Punjab1# show sdwan cloudexpress  applications
Fig 1.5- Cisco SDWAN : onRamp

    NDNA_Punjab1#Show sdwan cloudexpress local-exits
Fig 1.6- Cisco SDWAN : onRamp

Once checked, you can see the onRamp is active on the desired site.