Security Dose 28112023: Primary Goals & Objectives of Security Infrastructure

Security Dose 28112023: Primary Goals & Objectives of Security Infrastructure

In this Security Dose, we will talk about three primary goals and objectives of Security Infrastructure. Any security solution or policy that existed before, exists today, and will exist tomorrow, is evaluated against these three security goals. Not only the security solution but, every vulnerability is also evaluated based on these goals.

These goals are known as the CIA triad. The “C” stands for Confidentiality, the “I” stands for Integrity, and the “A” stands for Availability. Let’s talk about what are these, how these are affected, and what are the countermeasures to protect these goals.

⚡⚡ Confidentialityđź“ś

It is the concept of measuring scale to ensure the protection of the secrecy of a resource. The confidentiality goal is to protect the unauthorized access of critical information.

Threats to Confidentiality

Direct intentional attacks such as man-in-middle, oversight of security policy, and misconfiguration of the security controls are some of the scenarios that impact confidentiality.


Confidentiality can be protected using strong encryption, strict access control, strong authentication procedures, data classification, tools, and training.

⚡⚡ Integrityđź“ś

It is to protect the reliability and correctness of the data. It prevents unauthorized modification of the data. It also prevents unauthorized and intended activities i.e., man-in-middle attacks, Intrusions, viruses, etc.

Threats to Integrity

There are many attacks that cause integrity compromise these include viruses, unauthorized access, software code errors, malicious modifications, backdoor entries, intentional unauthorized modification, etc.


The countermeasures to Integrity include strict access and authentication processes, IDS, Object/data encryption, hash verification, and extensive training.

⚡⚡ Availabilityđź“ś

The concept is to ensure that the authorized user gets uninterrupted access to the resource. It makes sure the resources are protected against DoS attacks so that they are functional and available all the time to authorized users. 

Threats to Availability

The conditions like software/hardware failure, natural climatize, environmental issues like heat, power loss, static, and electricity issues), link failures, device distractions, etc. All these can be caused by human error, ineptitude, or misconfiguration of the device or software.


The right deployment of the system/object, effective implementation of access control, monitoring the performance of devices, DoS prevention using firewalls or routers, implementation of the redundant critical systems, implementation, maintenance, and testing of backup setup.

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