VMware VeloCloud SD-WAN and 5G: VeloCloud SD-WAN Edge 710-5G

VMware VeloCloud SD-WAN and 5G: VeloCloud SD-WAN Edge 710-5G

Businesses' approach to networking functions is being revolutionized by 5G. In situations when a fixed line is unavailable, the VMware VeloCloud SD-WAN Edge 710-5G provides unmatched versatility. When used as a primary or backup link, the Edge 710-5G is perfect for applications like mobile retail outlets and installations in Vehicles.

VMware VeloCloud SD-WAN and 5G: VeloCloud SD-WAN Edge 710-5G
Fig 1.1- VeloCloud Edge 710-G

It replicates the features of the VMware SD-WAN Edge 710-W by consolidating branch networking functions. This Edge additionally integrates a number of features. Envision having all of the following in one package: SD-WAN, firewall, router, switch, Wi-Fi, and now 5G. You can rely on that level of efficiency.

Have a look below on the Platform Edge 710 models 
Edge 710-W and Edge 710-5G

VMware Velocloud SDWAN Edge 710 models

SIM failover support and dual physical SIM compatibility for 5G/LTE are features of the Edge 710-5G. The Edge automatically moves to the other circuit in the event that one loses network connectivity. It also supports 4G and 3G technologies backwards. The device already has the eSIM installed and ready to be enabled. 

The configurable uplink arrangement is a noteworthy characteristic. Costs associated with wireless can mount up, particularly if a failover link stays active longer than necessary. By exclusively utilizing the 5G link when the primary link is unavailable and switching back to it once it is operational, businesses can reduce their usage of cellular data. It is possible to set up 5G connectivity to be always-on.

VMware SD-WAN Edge 710-5G

Add on Security Features- VeloCloud SDWAN

Modern security capabilities including intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS and IPS), application intelligence, DDoS protection, and stateful inspection are already included in the Enhanced Firewall Service for VMware VeloCloud SD-WAN. Velocloud is now advancing it further with the addition of two new features: malicious IP filtering and URL filtering. 

Beta testing is now being offered for both. These features show our continued dedication to safeguarding companies from new and emerging risks and providing a robust networking infrastructure.

A stateful firewall, application intelligence and control, segmentation, advanced NAT, hosted firewall logging, DDoS protection, and IDS/IPS are just a few of the security capabilities that Enhanced Firewall now provides. All of these features are accessible right now. 

The requirement for a two-box solution is eliminated when firewall features and SD-WAN are combined, which results in significant cost savings. Visit our blog post, "Secure the Perimeter with the VMware SD-WAN Enhanced Firewall Service," to learn more about the Enhanced Firewall Service. 

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