Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN IOS-XE router BFD sessions stuck

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Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN so called Software Defined WAN solution, where control plane or management plane is separated from the physical devices, while in the Viptela solution we have following architecture, where we have data-plane on the physical devices (obviously), Control Plane by VSmart or VBond Management tool, Management Plane via VManage and Orchestration.

Make sure you also aware, Cisco rebranded the name of the components of Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN solution as below

  • Cisco vManage ----> Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN Manager
  • Cisco vBond ---> Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN Validator
  • Cisco vSmart ----> Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN Controller
Let's talk about the issue related to the Bug id: CSCvz98955

Cisco SDWAN : BFD Sessions
Fig 1.1- Cisco SDWAN : BFD Sessions

We come up with one of the bug triggered (Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN IOS-XE) device: bfd session may stuck down); Bug id: CSCvz98955

Here you will see the control connections are up but all the BFD sessions are down, As stated by cisco BFD sessions are stuck due to the affected code version. 

Router : C8500-12X4QC
Version:  17.03.05

⭐ Troubleshooting  to the issue 👇

1. Check the sdwan control connections on the router

sdwan control connections

2. As you check the BFD sessions, you will see there are like 30 BFD sessions are down, while only 1 session is up, which is a big problem 

BFD sessions

⭐ Resolution 👇

There are temporary fix to the problem id to run the below command, it will take some time for router to came up 

NDNA_ISR01# Clear sdwan omp all

Will will reset all the omp routes and BFD will came up after like 5-10 mins Make sure you will do this activity in a maintenance window

Permanent Fix : To upgrade the router to the more stable code, as we moved from 17.3.5 to 17.9.3a to fix this issue.

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