Mastering the Basics: Top 10 AWS Interview Questions (Part 5)

Mastering the Basics: Top 10 AWS Interview Questions (Part 5)

Mastering the Basics: Top 10 AWS Interview Questions (Part 5)

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⭐Q81:What is the life cycle of the Autoscaling hooks?

They are used to provide additional wait time to scale in or scale out events.

Q82:An Auto Scaling group must be created by the user. Due to a technical fault, the group has been unable to run a single instance for more than 24 hours. What will happen to Auto Scaling in this situation?

The auto scaling feature will be disabled throughout the scaling process.

Q83:You have an EC2 Security Group with numerous EC2 instances operating. You modified the Security Group rules to allow inbound traffic on a new port and protocol, and then started multiple additional instances of the Security Group. What are the new rules?

Respond immediately to all incidences in security groups.

Q84:Which of the following AWS resources do not need to be rebuilt in the second region to build a mirror image of your environment for disaster recovery?

Route 53 Record Sets may be selected.

Q85:Which will you choose option should a customer use for his application if he wants to record all client connections to gather information from his load balancers at 5 minute intervals?

For the load balancers, the criterion should be Enable to AWS CloudTrail.

Q86:Which of the services would you not utilize to launch an app?

The Lambda app was not utilized during deployment.

Q87:How does the Elastic Beanstalk work with updates?

Before exchanging, prepare a duplicate using an updated prepare.

Q88:As a business, it is necessary to monitor read and write IOPS for AWS MySQL RDS instances and then provide real-time notifications to the operations team. Which AWS services are capable of achieving this?

Amazon CloudWatch monitoring

Q89:The firm that is now using consolidated billing was just bought by another company that already has several AWS accounts. How can an Administrator guarantee that all AWS accounts from both the existing and acquired companies are invoiced to a single account?

All Invites obtain the company's AWS account in order to join the current company's organization through AWS Organizations.

Q90:The user has developed an application that will be hosted on EC2. The application uses Dynamo DB to get specific data. The application connects to the EC2 instance through the DynamoDB SDK. Which of the following is the best security practice in this scenario?

The user should associate IAM roles with DynamoDB access to the EC2 instance.

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