Mastering the Basics: Top 10 AWS Interview Questions (Part 3)

Mastering the Basics: Top 10 AWS Interview Questions (Part 3)

Mastering the Basics: Top 10 AWS Interview Questions (Part 3)

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⭐Q61:How many Elastic IP addresses does AWS provide by default?

5 elastic ip per area

⭐Q62:You have enabled ELB sticky session. What does it have to do with your situation?

It associates a user session with a particular instance.

⭐Q63:Which load balancer makes routing choices at the transport or application layers and supports either EC2 or VPC?

Classic Load Balancer is the answer.

Q64:What is a virtual network interface that may be attached to a VPC instance?

Elastic Network Interface

Q65:You have created an AWS EC2 Linux instance. You chose SSH, HTTP, and HTTPS protocols while defining security groups. Why do we need to choose SSH?

To ensure that traffic from an EC2 instance to your machine is permitted.

Q66:You've picked a Classic Windows instance and wish to make some changes to the Security group. How will these modifications be implemented?

Changes are applied to Windows instances automatically.

Q67:Which form of cloud service includes load balancing and DNS services?


Q68:You have an unencrypted volume on an EC2 instance. You wish to make another Encrypted volume out of this unencrypted one. Which of the following steps will do this?

  • Make a snapshot of the unencrypted disc (using the encryption parameters), then duplicate it.
  • Copy a snapshot and construct a volume from it.

Q69:Where does the user set the maximum number of instances with the auto scaling Commands?

Auto scaling Launch Config

Q70:What sorts of AMI does AWS provide?

EBS Backed Instance Store

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