Aruba SD-Branch : SaaS Express

Aruba SD-Branch : SaaS Express

In this article, we are going to talk about the SaaS Express feature of the Aruba SD-Branch solution. We are seeing a trend where applications are being offered as a service from the public cloud and enterprises face a new kind of challenge to ensure the Quality of Experience for these applications.

Today’s top priority is to provide a great experience to SaaS applications such as Microsoft 365, Dropbox, Salesforce, and others. To achieve this, organizations follow a split-tunnel / Direct Internet Access approach where SaaS-bound application traffic is sent directly to the Internet from the branch and internal application traffic is backhauled to central sites. Once the traffic is directly sent to the Internet from the branch, the network team loses the visibility of the traffic, and they cannot improve on what they cannot see or monitor.

Aruba SaaS Express feature solves this problem where the SD-Branch appliance (called Branch Gateway) steers traffic to SaaS applications and provides the best performance by continuously monitoring the application and WAN link health.

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It measures the Quality of Experience score across all the Internet links that provide access to SaaS applications. It is done by probing the next-hop address and the tunnel endpoints. These probes not only provide the health status of the overlay but the underlay network too.

It continuously proxies the DNS requests for SaaS applications to ensure the nearest PoP is selected for application delivery. DNS requests are intercepted by the Branch Gateway, and all the SaaS applications-related queries are sent to the best ISP DNS. Internal application queries are sent to the corporate DNS server.

Finally, to identify an application, the Branch gateway uses various tools like DNS Snooping, Deep Packet Inspection, and APIs to classify Microsoft 365.

DNS Snooping & Packet Inspection is generally available let’s take a look at API’s capability to classify Microsoft 365. API capabilities SD-WAN providers to classify IP addresses and FQDNs. The branch gateway probes Microsoft and learns what IP/FQDNs are being used by the applications in Microsoft 365 suit. Aruba Central pools Microsoft APIs every 90 minutes to be up to date with any changes. The branch gateway queries the API through the dedicated management control session (gRPC) to get the information.

Figure 1: API to Microsoft 365

Once the application is identified, the SaaS express feature steers the application traffic through the defined best path based on the performance captured through synthetic probes monitoring.

At last let’s talk about some of the benefits of SaaS Express Feature – 

  • Improved performance for SaaS applications
  • Network visibility for SaaS applications
  • Enhanced user experience as applications are always reachable through the best reliable path.
  • Dynamic traffic steering for SaaS application in case of black or brownout scenarios

So, things that were not in the enterprise domain now can be managed through the SaaS Express feature. Hope you find this informative! 

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