Aruba EdgeConnect: Aruba EdgeConnect Appliance on VMware


Aruba SD-WAN – Aruba EdgeConnect on VMware

In this article, we going to demonstrate how to instantiate Aruba EdgeConnect Virtual Appliance on VMware ESXi version 7.0.


Aruba acquired Silverpeak in 2020 to complete its SD-WAN portfolio. After the acquisition, it is rebranded as Aruba EdgeConnect. Aruba EdgeConnect is an Enterprise SD-WAN solution with advanced routing, security, and application-focused capabilities. Aruba EdgeConnect appliance (SD-WAN appliance) supports various use cases with different form factors –

  • Aruba EdgeConnect Hardware Appliance – a hardware appliance installed in remote or central locations. Allows to directly terminate the physical WAN and LAN links.
  • Aruba EdgeConnect Virtual Appliance – a virtual image that can be installed on a bare metal server using hypervisors like ESXi, Hyper-V, Xen, and KVM.
  • Aruba EdgeConnect Cloud Appliance – a virtual image that can be installed in public could. It supports all major cloud providers – Azure, AWS, GCP, Oracle, and Alibaba. Once the SD-WAN is extended to the public cloud, it gets all the features available in the solution.

So you got an idea, we are going to instantiate Aruba EdgeConnect Virtual Appliance on VMware ESXi.


You need to have the following information in hand to successfully complete the activities –

  • You must be a registered partner with Partner Portal Access
  • EdgeConnect OVA image

Step 1: Login into VMware host and create a new VM

Step 2: Select “Deploy a virtual machine from on OVA file” from the creation type options. Click next button

Step 3: Give a name to Virtual Machine and select the OVA file from your hard disk. Once done, click on the Next Button.

Step 4: Select a Port Group (in general VLAN) for the management interface. Select “Thin” provisioning for Lab setup but in production go for “Thick” deployment.

Step 5: Review the configuration and click on Finish Button.

It’s going to take a minute or two. Once the Virtual Machine is deployed, you need to more Virtual Network Interface (vNIC) to this EdgeConnect Appliance. In our lab setup there are total of four interfaces –

  • Management Interface
  • LAN Interface
  • WAN 1 – MPLS Interface
  • WAN 2 – Internet Interface

Step 6: from VM Page, click on Edit Button to add more Virtual Interfaces.

Click on the “Add Network Adapter” button to add more Interfaces. We need a total of 4 interfaces out of them 1 is already added during the VM creation. Once the Interface is created, assign them to the correct port group (VLANs).

Once Interfaces are created and assigned to the correct port group. Save the configuration.

Step 7: Power ON the virtual machine and you are done. In our lab, Management Interface is automatically configured using DHCP. You can SSH or take the GUI of the EdgeConnect Appliance using any browser.

If you can access the appliance using the browser, you have successfully executed all the steps. Hope you find this informative!

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