Cisco SDWAN Platform : ASR1K vs C8500 Complete comparison

⭐Cisco SDWAN Platform : ASR1K vs C8500 Complete comparison ⭐

We are going to compare 4 models of routers used in SDWAN environment. This is a complete comparison and will come up with the updated features in the future as well. 

Cisco Catalyst 8500

The Cisco Catalyst 8500 Series Edge systems are high-performance cloud edge systems built for cloud-native agility, edge intelligence, multi-layer security, and accelerated services to speed up your trip to the cloud. These systems are designed for multi-cloud deployment to meet the demands of a corporate environment that is always changing.

Fig 1.2-C8500

Catalyst 8500 features and benefits

High-performance: To fulfil the needs of contemporary networks, these platforms provide expedited services and multi-layer security.

Agility in the cloud: These systems offer the adaptability and scalability necessary for cloud deployments thanks to their cloud-native agility.

Edge intelligence is a feature of the Catalyst 8500 Series Edge Platforms that enables organizations to make knowledgeable decisions at the network edge.

expedited services Organizations can provide high-performance networking solutions thanks to these platforms, which are designed for accelerated services.

Multiple-layer protection The Catalyst 8500 Series Edge Platforms provide many layers of protection to ward off attacks and guarantee data privacy.

Cisco ASR 1k routers

For enterprises functioning in an always-on digital environment, the Cisco ASR 1000 Series Aggregation Services Routers are created to offer dependable and high-performance networking solutions.  Industry-leading improvements in silicon, throughput, and security are provided by these routers. 

They are designed to improve your network by adding an SD-WAN headend that leads the industry. When it comes to tying business networks to the cloud, the ASR 1000 Series routers are more than simply routers. They provide a bridge between your company and the cloud edge while supporting modular SD-WAN for better software-defined performance.

Some of the features of Cisco ASR 1K series 

Increase your application's exposure over the web, the cloud, and SaaS. With Cisco ThousandEyes integration, you can identify application problems and receive useful information.

Integrity and security ASR 1000 routers enable you decrease your attack surface and safeguard edge traffic with their superior encryption performance, integrated security services, and tamper-resistant construction.

Continuity of architecture: Control and data-plane activities are divided by a special chipset architecture to enhance performance, especially at a busy or complicated edge. These routers are scale-built.

modern silicon Even when connection arrives in big bursts, the ASR 1000 Series' most recent ASIC technology offers dependable edge performance.

Below is the complete comparison between 4 models of SDWAN devices

ASR Vs Cisco Catalyst 8500

Both platforms offer excellent options for SD-WAN deployments, with the ASR 1000 Series offering a modular and flexible approach, while the Catalyst 8000 Series offers a compact and powerful 1RU form factor. The choice between them depends on the specific requirements and constraints of your network environment.

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