Redefining Connectivity with new Cisco Services Edge Platform

Redefining Connectivity with new Cisco Services Edge Platform
Lunch New SDWAN C8500 router with 100 Gbps port speed

It's time to tear up the road with the Catalyst 8500 Series Edge Platform! C8500-20X6C, Cisco's most powerful Catalyst 8500 Series Edge Platform, has just been launched.

So, Cisco recently launched C8500-20X6C, the highest-performing Catalyst Edge Platform in its 8500 Series. To do this, Cisco Catalyst 8000 Series Edge Platforms are used. 

The C8500-20X6C in particular features highly scalable feature sets for installations of routing and SD-WAN. For multi-tenant edge/hub, colocation hosted multi-cloud gateway, border router in multi-region fabric (MRF), SD-WAN remote access aggregation, IPsec gateway for private 5G-IoT endpoints, and multi-cloud services edge, it is the best platform available.

New Cisco SDWAN router: C8500-20X6C
Fig 1.1-New Cisco SDWAN router: C8500-20X6C

The most recent addition to the portfolio was created utilizing the third generation of Quantum Flow Processor (QFP), inherits feature parity with the current Catalyst 8500 Series, has built-in high-density, high-speed 100/40GE connections, and provides hundreds of Gigs of scalable services.

Best-in-class functionality for contemporary WAN settings are available with Cisco SD-WAN in a variety of designs. A very adaptable and scalable SD-WAN headend is the C8500-20X6C. It simplifies network designs by removing the complication of horizontal scale-out thanks to 100Gbps aggregate IMIX capability. 

It may be deployed as a Border Router in a Multi-Region Fabric deployment to expand fabric scalability and cover many regions. Another fantastic invention for sharing the C8500-20X6C platform hardware across many tenants in a colocation deployment is multi-tenancy (MT). 

Each tenant is provided with total control and data plane isolation on a shared physical platform that is set up as an MT-Hub, MT-Gateway, or MT-Edge.

A service edge for private cloud infrastructures may be operated using C8500-20X6C. Another option is a multi-cloud gateway installed in a colocation facility that provides high-scale services.

The C8500-20X6C offers twenty SFP+ ports for 10/1Gbps ethernet connection and six QSFP28 ports for 100/40Gbps. It is possible to enable and utilize every interface at once. For route encryption, they provide line rate MACsec, and for network timing, Synchronous Ethernet. 

The platform has been designed with enough buffering power to manage I/O over-subscription and guarantee traffic priority.

C8500-20X6C platform
20x 1/10GE ports
6x 40/100GE ports

C8500-12X4QC platform
12x 1/10GE ports
2x 40GE ports
2x 40/100GE ports

C8500-12X platform
12x 1/10GE ports

C8500L-8S4X platform
4x 1/10GE
8x 1GE ports.

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