Cisco SDWAN: Reset IOS-XE SDWAN router

Cisco SDWAN: Reset IOS-XE SDWAN router

This article is basically to reset Cisco Catalyst 8300/8500 SDWAN router. Below is the steps to proceed with reset steps

Fig 1.1- C8300 router in Network

Step 1: Reboot the router

Initializing Hardware ...
Checking for PCIe device presence...done
System integrity status: 0x610
Rom image verified correctly

Power cycle the router and force it get into the rommon with break sequence (ctrl+break, ctrl+c) and Change the config register to 0xA102 or 0x8000.

Step 2: When boot file is located, send break from terminal application. Fail to boot log is displayed.

Located c8000aes-universalk9.17.04.01a.SPA.bin
Failed to boot file flash:c8000aes-universalk9.17.04.01a.SPA.bin

Step 3. When Failed to boot log shows up, send second break from terminal application. The router now shows the rommon prompt:

rommon 1 >

Note: If step 3 is not followed the router reboots. Ensure to send break before hardware initialization process starts over. Router can show rommon prompt directly if break is sent right before image is located. 

Step 4. Set configuration register to 0x2142.

rommon 1 >confreg 0x2142

You must reset or power cycle for new config to take effect

Step 5. Reset the router from rommon prompt or power cycle the unit.

rommon 2 >reset

Step 6. Configure new credentials:


Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z.

Step 7. Create new user

NDNA-C8300(config)#username newadmin privilege 15 secret adminpass

Step 8. Change config-register to its original value and save configurations

NDNA-C8300(config)#config-register 0x2102

Step 9.Save configurations

NDNA-C8300#copy run start
Destination filename [startup-config]? 
Building configuration...

Rom image verified correctly