What is AWS Management Console ?

What is AWS Management Console ?

AWS management console is a web-based interface that facilitates cloud resource and service access and management. As per the current information, the management console offers access to more than 150 services. 

The dashboard also makes it possible to manage and keep an eye on users, health, service usage, and monthly expenditures.

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Login to the link to access AWS Management Console 

There are two ways to log in: as a "IAM user" or as a "Root user." The email address we used to enroll the user for logging in must be provided; this is indicated in the screenshot below. The "Root user" is the account owner with the most privileges. 

By the way, we must supply our account ID while utilizing a "IAM user."

What is AWS Management Console ?
Fig 1.1- AWS Management Console

  • Web-based Interface: On your laptop or computer, open a web browser to access the Management Console. It provides a safe login process and supports a number of widely used browsers.
  • Manage Resources:  The interface offers a thorough overview of all the AWS services you have access to, such as database, networking, storage, and processing power. They are simple to set up, monitor, and control from one location.
  • Service Consoles: Each console in the Management Console is devoted to a particular AWS service, much like a collection of separate consoles. One console is used to manage S3 storage buckets, another to manage EC2 compute instances, and so on.
  • Mobile App: There's also an AWS Console mobile app available for Android and iOS devices. This app lets you perform basic tasks like monitoring resources and managing alarms while on the go.

Finally, the administration panel supports a variety of browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge, and offers secure login and sessions (limiting session lifetime, utilizing the federation API, and more).

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