F5 Load Balancer : Upgrade the SSL Certificate

F5 Load Balancer : Upgrade the SSL Certificate

For the hosts linked to your networks, the F5 platform may offer a variety of services, such as load balancing, DNS, secure access, and application security.

The device known as a load balancer serves as a reverse proxy and distributes network or application traffic among several servers.

Applications' capacity (concurrent users) and dependability are increased with the help of load balancers. By handling application-specific duties and reducing the load on servers caused by managing and maintaining network connections and applications, they enhance the overall performance of applications.

Lets talk about the SSL certificate upgrade procedure for F5 Load Balancer in 7 Steps. Hope it will help you to upgrade or add the new SSL certificate in your F5 Load Balancer.

Step 1: Connect to your F5 BIG-IP load-balancer console

Step 2: Under the Local Traffic menu click on SSL Certificates. Check for BIG-IP 13.x and later, go to System > Certificate Management > Traffic Certificate Management > SSL Certificate List. 

Step 3: Select Import, and then In the Import Type list, select Certificate.

Step 4: For Certificate Name, select Create New and enter a unique name for the certificate

Step 5: For Certificate Source, select Paste Text and paste the certificate plain text into the text box. ( Copy everything from first block of certificate ,BEGIN CERTIFICATE to END CERTIFICATE) and Select import

Step 6: In the Import Type list, select Key (Copy everything from first block of PRIVATE KEY , BEGIN CERTIFICATE to END CERTIFICATE)

Step 7: You can now associate the SSL certificate with the appropriate SSL profile.