Updating BIG-IP VE (Virtual Edition)

Updating BIG-IP VE (Virtual Edition)

You may either utilize the Software Management tool in the Configuration utility, or you can upgrade the software directly from the command line, to upgrade the BIG-IP VE.

To update BIG-IP VE, Here are the things you need to have before that you need to download the ISO and MD5 files. Install the downloaded files to an inactive boot location. Boot the BIG-IP VE to the new boot location.

Step 1 : Login to the BIG-IP configuration utility with your credentials as below

Fig 1.1- BIG-IP Login

We are considering the device case in Cluster. Do the standby unit update first. Check that the cluster is in sync. Carry out the update on Standby. Once finished, fail over to Standby and do the update on Active.

Step 2: Navigate to System --> Software Management --> Image List
In the BIG-IP VE user interface, on the Main tab, click System > Software Management > Image List > Import

Fig 1.2- BIG-IP 

Step 3: Add a new image as shown below 
Navigate to System --> Software Management --> Image List --> New Image

Fig 1.3- BIG-IP 

Step 4: We are using SFTP to upload images to both active and standby units
You may start the installation process after downloading and importing the  installation image. On the BIG-IP system, images can be installed on one of three boot sites.

On the Main tab, click System > Software Management .
The Software Management Image List screen opens.

Choose the software image you wish to install from the list of available images and click Install. The pop-up window for installing software images appears.

Fig 1.4- BIG-IP 

Select the disk you want to install the image on, and then type or select a volume name, and click Install.

The image is installed during the update procedure on the inactive disc location you choose. Normally, this procedure takes three to ten minutes.

You can safely reboot the newly installed volume or partition after the installation process is finished.

Step 5: On the Main tab, click System > Software Management .
The Software Management Image List screen opens. On the menu bar, click Boot Locations.
The Boot Locations screen opens.

In the Boot Location column, click the link representing the boot location you want to activate. The properties screen for the boot location opens. Click Activate and confirmation screen opens.

Click OK to initiate the reboot operation. The system presents progress messages during the restart operation.

The login page appears once the BIG-IP VE machine has finished rebooting. Log in using an account that has administrator privileges to customize the system.

Step 6: Now time to activate the license with the Key. Click on Manual and copy paste the text as shown below.

We would not shown the screen shot here as key is different and unique but you can access that by Navigating System --> License --> Re-activate

Fig 1.5- BIG-IP 

 Step 7: Copy the Dossier and paste in license.f5.com and Change volume set name to 2.

Fig 1.6- BIG-IP 

 Hope it will help to upgrade the F5 Load balancer in a cluster mode ( Active-Stand by). We will come up with another article to discuss more on F5 Load Balancers.

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