BGP Cheat Sheet for Network Engineers

BGP Cheat Sheet for Network Engineers

BGP is the routing protocol where you have the route exchange between the two different AS ( Autonomous Systems ). Hope you remember the concept of AS. I will not discuss the AS in this post, if you want to understand the AS, i will cover that in another post.

So BGP is the only Exterior Gateway routing protocol which exchange routes between the two different AS. There is ASN number assigned to every ISP's publicly . It is unique on the public network and is assigned by the IP assigned governed body like we have different IP assigned bodies across the globe. 

These are all Public AS numbers. There is another AS number called as Private AS number. I will define these different AS numbers in another article soon.

⚡ Cheatsheet no # 1 (BGP Basics, Packet types, Attributes & states)

BGP Cheatsheet-1

⚡ Cheatsheet no # 2 (Command Ref- IOS-XE, XR and Juniper devices)

BGP command reference

⚡ Cheatsheet no # 3 (BGP Attributes Importance & Path Selection)

BGP Path selection

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