Understanding the Synergy: How Cisco & Nutanix are Joining Forces

⭐⭐Understanding the Synergy: How Cisco & Nutanix are Joining Forces⭐⭐

Cisco & Nutanix HCI

With what they claim is the most comprehensive hyperconverged (HCI) solution for IT modernization and business transformation, Cisco and Nutanix recently announced that their two companies have formed a global strategic partnership to speed up the adoption of hybrid multi-cloud solutions.

Two new products are introduced as part of the cooperation, while a third is completely removed from the market. Let's examine the options available.

⭐Understanding the Rumors: Is Cisco Pulling the Plug on Hyperflex?

Cisco HyperFlex is still accessible worldwide. Cisco has a long history of working with top business innovators to develop convergent solutions. This collaboration was prompted by clients' requests to integrate these best-of-breed technologies. 

It was heard that The Hyperflex hyperconverged portfolio from Cisco Systems has been given end-of-life and end-of-sale dates as the firm builds on its recently announced cooperation with Nutanix for hybrid multicloud computing.

⭐Overcoming Challenges with Cisco Compute HCI and Nutanix Solutions

Together, Cisco and Nutanix are developing the integrated hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) product line, which integrates Nutanix's software-defined storage platform with Cisco's SaaS-managed computing and networking solutions.

The combination of Cisco's SaaS-managed compute and networking solution with Nutanix's Cloud Platform, a robust set of products that includes Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure, Nutanix Cloud Manager, Nutanix Unified Storage, and Nutanix Desktop Services, creates the new offering known as Cisco Compute Hyperconverged with Nutanix.

Through a single platform that enables the deployment of applications and data across diverse environments, including data center's, edge locations, and public clouds, the Nutanix Cloud Platform provides a unified cloud operating architecture. Through system-wide self-healing nodes, it prioritizes resilience while achieving linear scalability in performance and capacity. Persistent storage is furthermore elegantly included into the design of the Nutanix Cloud Platform.

The integrated solution integrates Cisco servers, networking, security, and administration with Nutanix's Cloud Platform and enables a variety of deployment choices. Scalability, resilience, and native storage integration are promised along with a cloud operating paradigm that is uniform across data centers, edges, and public clouds.

The unified service will first be made available on Cisco C-Series servers and then be extended to Cisco X-Series modular servers. By the end of November 2023, the businesses want to make the solution accessible through Cisco's international sales teams.

⭐Unveiling the Solution from Cisco and Nutanix: HCI Evolution

Leading technologies from Nutanix and VMware were up against HyperFlex, which coupled Cisco UCS computing and networking technology with its own HCI software and storage nodes as an integrated solution.

The Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) with Cisco Intersight and the Nutanix Cloud Platform, which consists of the Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure, Nutanix Cloud Manager, Nutanix Unified Storage, and Nutanix Desktop Services, will be used to provide an integrated hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) product line. According to the IT juggernaut, Cisco and its partner network will market the solution.

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