Basics of Hyper-convergence : Cisco Hyperflex Converged Systems

Basics of Hyper-convergence : Cisco Hyperflex Converged Systems

Next generation data platform for hyper-convergence, that is what now a days a very hot topic in the market of enterprise network. Did you heard about the term server virtualization in the enterprise network ever ? Its not time to have the physical servers in the environment, may be enterprises are thinking to virtualized the same, so that virtualized server can be used for various applications, a single server can be used as multiple virtualized server with compute, storage and network ( everything is software defined ).

There are lot of competitors in this domain called as hyper-convergence and they are below as:
  • Hyper-V : Microsoft Hyper-convergence
  • Hyperflex: Cisco systems 
  • vSphere : VMware Hyper-convergence
  • AHV hypervisor : Nutanix
  • XenServer : Citrix Hyper-convergence 
I am still confused what this hyper-convergence is ? i knew regarding the server virtualization, I knew how it works in the environment, but how hyper-convergence fits in the enterprise networks and makes my network smooth and reliable and handles all possible functions in my domain ?

The explosion of virtualized server workloads such as databases, network services, collaboration applications, and unified communications has given rise to the need for a more intelligent approach to infrastructure management. With hundreds of virtualized applications running in a typical datacenter, IT infrastructure requires alignment with the virtualization stack. Traditional 3-tier architectures result in inefficiencies in provisioning, silos between IT and business units, and inability to scale globally as business needs grow.

So Hyper-convergence model gives you all in one virtualized server, means its architecture that integrates compute and storage in software defined network.

Cisco Hyperflex:
So cisco come up with the solution called as Cisco hyperflex which work as hyper-convergence model to resolve all the issues of customer virtualized server with compute, storage in software defined model.

Fig 1.1 - Cisco Hyperflex Architecture

If you look the architecture of the Cisco hyper-flex model, you will come to know that virtualized server, storage and Network infrastructure in one model.

The Cisco Hyperflex HX Data Platform includes:
  • Enterprise-class data management features that are required for complete lifecycle management and enhanced data protection in distributed storage environments—including replication, deduplication, compression, thin provisioning, rapid, space-efficient clones, and snapshots 
  • Simplified data management that integrates storage functions into existing management tools, allowing instant provisioning, cloning, and snapshots of applications for dramatically simplified daily operations 
  • Independent scaling of the computing, caching, and capacity tiers, giving you the flexibility to scale the environment based on evolving business needs 
  • Continuous data optimization with inline data deduplication and compression that increases resource utilization with more headroom for data scaling 
  • Dynamic data placement in node memory, enterprise-class flash memory (on solid-state disk [SSD] drives), and persistent storage tiers (on hard-disk drives [HDDs]) to optimize performance and resiliency—and to readjust data placement as you scale your cluster 
  • API-based data platform architecture that provides data virtualization flexibility to support existing and new cloud-native data types 
We will come up with the next section where we can define the architecture view of Cisco Hyperflex and how it works in the Datacenter virtualized domain.

Similarly like Cisco Hyperflex, Microsoft Hyper-V, Nutanix AHV and VMware vSphere are the major competitors in the market in hyper-converged networks.

Hyper-Convergence is popular in North America region and yet to have the impact in the Asia Pacific and Europe market. These are called as the Next generation technology in the data center domain and going to be very popular in the coming aegis.

Stay connected, we will be coming with the more research in the Hyper-converged markets and will come up with the full fledged model with explanation. Please let me know if there is any questions regarding the hyper-convergence topic.