Veeam Availability Suite & Cisco HyperFlex Edge

Veeam Availability Suite & Cisco HyperFlex Edge

Cisco's HyperFlex Edge, a version of Cisco's hyperconverged infrastructure only available to remote offices and branch offices, is protected by Veeam Availability Suite. 

One of its greatest advantages is the ease of deploying and configuring it using Cisco's Intersight web management platform. Intersight will manage it remotely once the device is plugged into power and network.

What is Veeam Availability Suite ? 
Veeam Availability Suite is the Veeam next generation data protection capabilities solution combined with Veeam Backup & Replication and advanced monitoring and reporting of Veeam ONE for integrated reporting of all workloads.

If you are using the HyperFlex Edge then you will be able to see Veaam's native snap-shot integration with HyperFlex and some of its unique capabilities through Veeam Availability Suite.

It is important to see how and what protect Virtual Machines, Backup and Replication by Veeam rely on image-based methods to safeguard virtual machines.

Note ⭐: It is not necessary to install agent software inside the guest OS in order to retrieve VM data

By utilizing vSphere snapshots and Application Aware Processing, Veeam Backup & Replication gives users the best possible experience.

What help to restore the VM in case of the failure ?

  • Single Application items can be restored using Veeam Explorer
  • VMs and files can be recovered granularly with automatic verification of backups, VMs, and replicas
  • Rapid recovery of Virtual Machines using HyperFlex Edge and primary backup sites.
  • Tape drives, clouds, or local repositories are all options for securing your backup data
  • Providing you have a backup file of the virtual hard drive, virtual drive restore allows you to recover it from the backup file and attach it to your original VM or to a new VM
  • Recovery of files from 15 different guest operating systems is possible with multi-OS file-level recovery
  • Recovery of individual Windows guest OS files is possible with Windows file-level recovery