Cisco Catalyst 9k on Meraki Dashboard

Cisco Catalyst 9k on Meraki Dashboard Management

Cisco Live 2022 - The Cisco Catalyst switching and wireless hardware have been connected to the Meraki Dashboard, moving the company one step closer to offering a fully cloud-managed enterprise networking solution.

Catalyst users will be able to use this cloud management, which Cisco claims will improve IT operations' efficiency, reduce infrastructure costs, and enable smoother transitions to the cloud, especially for hybrid users

“Not every customer’s journey to the cloud is going to be the same,” Chris Stori, SVP and GM of Cisco Networking Experiences.

Cloud monitoring was launched by Cisco first for its fixed enterprise access switching platform, including its 9200, 9300, and 9500 switch series, followed by add this capability to its Catalyst modular switches, such as the 9400 and 9600 series.

Its a good move for all who always have mixed environment like Meraki and Cisco Catalyst environment. Now they can monitored Cisco Catalyst 9Ks from the Meraki dashboard. It's a initial phase of integration but have more innovations further to get Cisco and Meraki closer. 

You can still have CLI access to Catalyst 9K and its just monitoring via Meraki dashboard. You can managed it via Prime or DNA center as per the current scenario of the manageability. 

Stay tuned, we will come up with new updates soon !

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