Cisco Catalyst 9k Password Recovery Hidden Method

Cisco Catalyst 9k Password Recovery Hidden Method

Cisco Catalyst 9000 Series
Fig 1.1- Cisco Catalyst 9000 Series

Step 1: Power Cycle the device by removing the power cables and connect power back

Step 2: check there is a mode button on the front panel of Cisco 9300 Switch. Once the switch boot up, you will see the Hash  symbol on your switch. Press and hold the Mode button immediately. Hold the button down until the Status LED becomes amber. The console should then be in Boot Loader mode.

Step 3: You will see the message " Error: failed to boot from flash:packages.conf <Aborted> and Switch: sign at the end

Step 4: You need to type the command " set SWITCH_IGNORE_STARTUP_CFG=1 " as shown below and after this boot the switch

Switch: boot

After booting up, it will come up the switch with the Cisco default user and password to login. Now if you want to recover the running configuration of the switch, just run now

Switch # copy startup-config running-config
Destination filename [running-config]?

It will retrieve the full configuration with the actual host name of the switch and now run the command

NDNA_R1(config)# no system ignore startupconfig switch all

Now as you need to configure the new enable secret, do it here and save

NDNA_R1(config)# enable secret NDNA11