Cisco Viptela SDWAN: Downgrade to an Older Software Image on vEdge

Today we are going to talk about the removal of the current software image on the Viptela SDWAN vEdge and downgrade to the precious software image through CLI.

Make sure you should have available image on the vEdge in order to downgrade to the previous version of the image. 

Fig 1.1- Cisco Viptela vEdge and Controllers

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As in our Lab environment, currently we have vEdge image 20.3.2 and we want to switch to 19.2.31

Step 1: Login to the vEdge whose image you want to downgrade via SSH as shown Below

Fig 1.2- Login to the vEdge via SSH

Step 2: Check the current version on the vEdge 

Step 3: Check for the available version on the vEdge by putting the below command on the vEdge device as shown below

Step 4: Remove the current software version on the vEdge, It will start removing the software image on the vEdge which will take some time.

Step 5: Install the new software version as shown in the available version for the vEdge, This version is available on the vManage and vEdge will download this image from the vManage.

Step 6: As we started downloaded the new image for the vEdge and install the desired built on the vEdge, Now we need to activate the same image on the vEdge

Step 7: As we activate the software which will take reboot on the vEdge and come up with the new image after rebooting, Now set the default image to 19.2.31 as below 

Now the new image is downloaded on the vEdge, installed, then rebooted, activated and then set the default image to the desired image. This is the whole process of downgrading the vEdge image via CLI commands.