Part II: Cisco Viptela SDWAN: Upgrade vEdge image from CLI

 As in Part 1, we discuss how we are upgrading the vEdge image from vManage, Now in Part II, we are going to discuss how we can upgrade the vEdge image via CLI of the device. 

Fig 1.1- vEdge design 

Step 1: Login to your vEdge device through Putty or SecureCRT and check the version of the device as shown below 

NDNA_vEdge# sh ver

Step 2: Check the software version available on the switch, In our case, we have two version available, one is 18.4.302 and other is 20.3.2. At this point of time, the active version is 18.4.302

NDNA_vEdge# show software 

18.4.302       true         true            false               user               2019-10-25T23:46:10-00:00  
 20.3.2          false       false           false                user              2021-01-22T14:48:20-00:00  


Step 3: run vShell, pwd and ls -ltr commands as shown below 
NDNA_vEdge# vshell
NDNA_vEdge:~$ pwd
NDNA_vEdge:~$ ls -ltr
total 4
-rw-r--r-- 1 admin admin 392 Jan 22 14:45

Step 4: Execute the following commands to verify image as shown below 
NDNA_vEdge# request software verify-image <image name>

Verify Image, MD5 image signature verification

Step 5: As we verify the image, now install the software to the vEdge via CLI
NDNA_vEdge# request software install <image name> reboot

Once you installed, just reboot the device and you will see the device is update. 

Step 6: Now as we upgrading, set up the image with the default.
NDNA_vEdge# request software set-default 20.3.2

Check the version now below 
NDNA_vEdge# sh ver