Cisco WLC: Cisco Catalyst 9800-L

Cisco WLC: Cisco Catalyst 9800-L

The Cisco Catalyst 9800-L is a fixed wireless controller for small and medium-sized businesses that supports continuous software updates.

The Cisco Catalyst 9800-L is designed from the bottom up for intent-based networking, combining Cisco IOS XE Software and Cisco RF expertise to deliver a best-in-class wireless experience for your dynamic and growing enterprise.

Cisco WLC: Cisco Catalyst 9800-L
Fig 1.1- Cisco WLC: Cisco Catalyst 9800-L

High availability with SSO

The 9800-L supports both full access point and client Stateful Switchover (SSO). Client SSO is available for clients who have passed the authentication and DHCP phases and are now passing traffic. Client SSO syncs a client's information to the standby wireless controller when they associate or modify their parameters. 

Fully authorized clients in the run state are synced to the standby, eliminating the need for client re-association during switchover. This ensures flawless failover for both the APs and clients. 

This procedure yields zero client service downtime and zero SSID outages. The Cisco Catalyst 9800-L Wireless Controller now supports AP and client SSO, reducing downtime caused by failures such as box failover, network failover, or power outages at the primary site.


  • It offers both copper and fiber uplink options for added versatility.
  • It enables seamless software updates and high availability via hot and cold patching.
  • It has built-in security features such as Secure Boot, Encrypted Traffic Analytics, and Software-Defined Access.
  • It has open and programmable APIs for automation and telemetry.
  • It supports Cisco User Defined Network, which enables users to manage their own wireless network partition on a shared network.
  • It includes a Wi-Fi 6 readiness dashboard that allows you to plan and monitor your Wi-Fi 6 deployment.
  • It supports Cisco In Service Software Upgrade, which prevents network downtime during software updates.

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