How to upgrade the new image on Cisco Viptela SDWAN Controllers

In this article, we will discuss about the upgradation procedure of the Cisco SDWAN Controller which includes vSmart, vBond and vManage. 

In most of the customer environment, they have dual vSmart and dual vBond as per the redundancy. 

Before you start with the upgradation procedure, make sure you will have the right image landed on the vManage. Login to the vManage with your credentials 

Fig 1.1- Cisco Viptela vManage Login Screen

Now check and if required upload new image to the vManage which you would like to upgrade. 

Fig 1.2- Uploading new Software image to vManage

If it already available on the vManage, then just go to Maintenance---> SOFTWARE REPOSITORY, Check for the latest image available. There should be two files in one link which may shows like below as example if you are going to upgrade to image 18.4.5

vmanage-18.4.5-x86_64.tar.gz, viptela-18.4.5-x86_64.tar.gz

Now go to vManage, go to Maintenance--->SOFTWARE UPGRADE
On the top, there are 3 tabs, WAN Edge, Controllers and vmanage, Click on vManage tab and on the top it will shows upgrade button, Click on the same. 

Fig 1.3- Upgrading vManage image first

When you click on the upgrade, it will shows you 2 buttons
  • Platform : Version
  • vManage : a drop-down button and select the latest version. Make sure once you starting the upgrade button, always do upgrade and activate checkbox ticked. if it is not activate you may need to do this step again.
Note: Backup of data volume is highly recommended before upgrading vManage.

Fig 1.4- select version which you needs to update

Similarly, for the controllers like vSmart and vBond. Go to Maintenance--->SOFTWARE UPGRADE

On the top, there are 3 tabs, WAN Edge, Controllers and vmanage, Click on controller tab. Select one controller and upgrade/activate that controller, then select second one and upgrade/activate, followed by third and fourth controller.

Fig 1.5- Upgrading vBond and vSmart image

Fig 1.6- Activate and Reboot the device after upgrade

The procedure of selection should be like below
  • Start with the upgradation of the vManage.
  • Upgrade the secondary or backup vBond
  • Once done, Upgrade the Primary vBond
  • Once completed and checked the version on both, Start with the upgradation of the Secondary or Backup vSmart Controller.
  • Check vEdge if they are able to establish the connection with the secondary vSmart, if all good,go with the upgradation of the Primary vSmart.