Part 1: Cisco Viptela SDWAN: Upgrade vEdge image from vManage

Today I am going to talk about how to upgrade the image of vEdge via vManage and later we will also show you how to upgrade the vEdge image via CLI. 

Step 1: Login to the vManage and check if the Software repository has the latest image which needs to be upgraded on the vEdge as per the requirement.

Fig 1.1- vManage Software Repository

Step 2: First of all, please login to the vEdge via CLI and check the current version on the vEdge using the below command
NDNA_vEdge# sh ver

Step 3: Clicked on the Software upgrade on the vManage as shown below and select the device to upgrade the device.

Step 4: Once you clicked on the upgrade, below screen pop out, Select the desired version, in our snapshot we took for 20.3.2, Click on the checkbox Activate and Reboot and then Click on the upgrade.

Step 5: Once you clicked on the upgrade, you will see the NDNA_vEdge will start downloading the image from the vManage. 

It will take 20 Mins to download the image on the vEdge.

[26-Jan-2021 20:06:19 UTC] Installing and activating software image
[26-Jan-2021 20:06:21 UTC] Current active partition: 18.4.302
[26-Jan-2021 20:06:23 UTC] Configuring upgrade confirm timer to 15 minutes
[26-Jan-2021 20:06:23 UTC] Software image: viptela-20.3.2-mips64.tar.gz
[26-Jan-2021 20:06:23 UTC] Software image download may take up to 60 minutes
[26-Jan-2021 20:06:30 UTC] Connection Instance: 2, Color: mpls
[26-Jan-2021 20:06:30 UTC] Downloading http://X.X.X.X:8080/software/package/viptela-20.3.2-mips64.tar.gz?deviceId=
[26-Jan-2021 20:26:45 UTC] Downloaded http://X.X.X.X:8080/software/package/viptela-20.3.2-mips64.tar.gz?deviceId=

Now the vEdge going to reboot 

[26-Jan-2021 20:28:06 UTC] Signature verification Succeeded.
Successfully installed version: 20.3.2
[26-Jan-2021 20:28:06 UTC] Installed 20.3.2
[26-Jan-2021 20:28:06 UTC] Rebooting device to other partition. Device may take between 10 - 20 minutes before it comes online
[26-Jan-2021 20:29:38 UTC] (1/60) Operation status being verified by vManage
[26-Jan-2021 20:30:08 UTC] (2/60) Operation status being verified by vManage
[26-Jan-2021 20:30:08 UTC] (3/60) Operation status being verified by vManage
[26-Jan-2021 21:00:01 UTC] (60/60) Operation status being verified by vManage
Check you will see the success message on the vManage 

Step 6: Its done on the vManage, Check the same on the vEdge 
Check the same on the vEdge by login to the device 
NDNA_vEdge# sh ver

Step 7: The current version changes but we didn’t change it to the default Version. Let’s change the default version now. Just select the device and click on the “Set Default Version”. Check below 

  Now you see below that default version set

In our next article, we will upgrade the vEdge image via CLI instead of using the vManage.


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