Understanding Versa VOS/FlexVNF SDWAN Solution

Today I am going to talk about one another SDWAN player who impresses market and capture some of the customers from enterprise segment. Versa Network is working hard to make the things successful in the SDWAN market place.

Versa Networks is a privately held company based in San Jose California, with a second office in Bangalore India, and offers a SD-WAN solution they call “Versa FlexVNF” which is now called as Versa VOS. Versa Networks founded in 2012 and start shipping SD-WAN devices in November 2015.

Versa FlexVNF/VOS

Versa VOS is a multi-service, multi-tenant software platform built from ground up on cloud principles to deliver scale, segmentation, programmability and automation. 

It delivers both networking and security functions in a single Orchestration along with service chaining capabilities.

Fig 1.1- Basic Architecture of Versa SDWAN 

Versa shapes an actually software-defined enterprise, from the devices, through the networks to the security functionality. All this works by significant functionality as a set of software modules. You deploy the functionality in a virtualized environment by deploying the modules. 

The modules sit on a platform and allow definition of such network functionality as DHCP, next-generation firewall or a software-defined WAN. 

Fig 1.1- Versa SDWAN Solution Architecture

It delivers both networking and security functions in a single Orchestration along with service chaining capabilities.

Features of Versa VOS

  1. SDWAN with Security: Fully featured routing, SD-WAN and layered security including NGFW, UTM and secure web gateway.
  2. Performance & Reliability: Hybrid WAN providing increased performance and reliability with transport, and provider independence.
  3. Policy driven Infrastructure: Highly contextualized routing and security based on application, user, device and location
  4. ZTP: Reduce deployment time and minimize time required for change management across multiple sites.
  5. Multi-tenancy: Segmentation of data and control plane provides complete isolation between organization or departments.
  6. Service Chaining: Enables tight integration of functions provided by Versa VOS™ (formerly FlexVNF) with third party services.
  7. Scalability: Dynamically scales up and down based on capacity and performance requirements.
  8. Cloud Network Ready: Eliminate datacenter backhaul penalties to provide an optimized direct path to public and private clouds.

   Versa Dashboard looks like 
Versa SDWAN Dashboard

In our next series of article on versa Networks SDWAN solution, we will discuss on the traffic flow and all these features in details. Also compare the Versa SDWAN solution with other SDWAN solutions.