Silver Peak SDWAN: WAN Hardening Concept

Today I am going to talk about the concept of WAN hardening in Silver Peak SDWAN Solution. Lets talk about what this WAN hardening. 

What is WAN Hardening in Silver Peak SDWAN Solution ?
WAN Hardening enables enterprises to deploy Unity EdgeConnect appliances directly onto the Internet. It means whenever you get the traffic from outside to the Branch over the internet which is not in Silver Peak encrypted tunnel will be dropped.

By using Silver Peak WAN hardening you are also going to reduced additional routers and firewalls at the branch, which helps eliminate appliance which may be of high costs like deploying and managing dedicated firewalls/IPS.

Fig 1.1- Silver Peak SDWAN - WAN Hardening

What kind of links used WAN hardening in Silver Peak SDWAN solution?
MPLS networks are called as private networks because they are dedicated for the customer with L3 routing shared with Service providers and provided some inherent protection, no such assurances are true when connecting out over the Internet. 

Silver Peak secures broadband WANs edge-to-edge with multiple security features. It starts with 256-bit AES encryption to secure all WAN traffic in a Unity EdgeConnect overlay tunnel. All enterprise data in-flight across the Silver Peak encrypted tunnel fabric (SD-WAN overlay) is secured without any performance degradation.

Fig 1.2- WAN Hardening Configuration on Dashboard (Silver Peak SDWAN)

Simply says, Internet circuits are generally required WAN Hardening in order to save the branch from the external attacks.

What are the benefits from WAN Hardening ?
  1. You will get better performance by encrypting data in-flight without any performance degradation
  2. Of-course CAPEX and OPEX savings by avoiding the purchase of additional hardware like Firewall/VPN/IPS.
  3. Easy deployment requiring no networking expertise or painstaking tunnel configuration.