Configuring VRRP on Huawei Switches as a Master/Backup Mode

Today I am going to talk about the configuration example of VRRP in Master/Backup mode on to the Huawei switches. Before I started with the VRRP configuration, i guess people should aware of VRRP protocol in detail. VRRP stands for Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol. 

Today I am going to talk about the configuration example of VRRP on Huawei routers with topology. Hope you got the basic understanding on VRRP protocol as of now from the above mentioned link.

Fig 1.1- Huawei VRRP Topology

The VRRP group that consists of Switches (NDNA_Master and NDNA_Backup) will act as a default gateway for Host A.As a master Switch NDNA_Master act as a gateway and if it fails then NDNA_Backup will be the gateway.Let us suppose if Switch NDNA_Master will came back or recovers then it will preempts to be the master within 20 seconds.

As you already knew the functions of VRRP protocol, lets talk about the configuration of the VRRP on Huawei devices. The IP addresses uses here for the above topology has no relevance with any of the enterprise network and used for only demo purposes.

Configuration on Switch NDNA_Master:
First of all we need to create VLANs and then assign interface to that VLAN

   Now Configure IP address to VLAN interface

   Now configuring NDNA_Backup and NDNAC

   Config on NDNAC

   Now Configure OSPF protocol between these switches

   Configuring VRRP group on Master and Backup Switch

   Master Switch

   Backup Switch