How VMware Tanzu Hub Simplifies Multicloud Management

How VMware Tanzu Hub Simplifies Multicloud Management

With a shared control plane and data model for all clouds, platforms, tools, and personas, VMware Tanzu Hub is a multi-cloud management solution that integrates cost, performance, configuration, and delivery automation into a single platform.

How VMware Tanzu Hub Simplifies Multicloud Management

What's new in VMware Tanzu Hub ?

VMware is launching a new version of Tanzu Application Platform (TAP) and Tanzu Intelligence Services, which are intended to serve as a one-stop shop for multicloud application development, delivery, optimization, and management. This is achieved by combining parts of its Tanzu and Aria app delivery and operation management portfolios.

Note: Through proactive optimisation of cost, performance, and governance, Tanzu Intelligence Services' ML/AI capabilities enable deeper insights.

Intelligent Assist Transforms the VMware Tanzu Hub Experience

With its extensive language model capacity, VMware Tanzu Hub with Intelligent Assist helps you do management activities like the ones listed above faster and with less of the friction that is frequently involved in these kinds of jobs. Later on, these features will be expanded to more complicated use cases, such creating and running infrastructure as code according to your specifications, and will allow you to search and explore all of the resources in your environment.

Intelligent Assist allows you to search your cloud environment using natural language rather than a predefined query structure. Simply ask Intelligent Assist in VMware Tanzu Hub what you're searching for, and the results will contain the appropriate resources, data, configuration, and status inside your cloud environment, as well as any restrictions imposed by your access credentials. 

You may fine-tune the results and examine your resources with more context. For example, you can ask Intelligent Assist to return a list of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances of a specific type in a specific region, and the results will be returned to you in seconds, along with the GraphQL query that corresponds to the natural language request.

With VMware Tanzu Hub's Intelligent Assist, you can go further into your exploration and engage with your cloud resources more easily when they're contextualized. You may examine the platform's findings by clicking on connections to pertinent pages that provide more information that you'll need to evaluate and make a choice. Dependencies, security discoveries, and other pertinent metrics may be included in this context.

VMware Aria + VMware Tanzu Intelligent Assist

VMware Aria portfolio is included in the new Tanzu Intelligence Services, which uses a shared data platform to accelerate cloud operations and platform building.

  • By utilizing the federated data architecture across VMware Tanzu Hub's integrated solutions, VMware Tanzu with Intelligent Assist will transform operations from reactive to proactive and significantly streamline operational workflows. This is accomplished by offering a conversational chatbot experience powered by creative AI.
  • Through comprehensive visibility and deeper ML/AI driven insights across dispersed Kubernetes, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft Azure systems, VMware Tanzu Insights will enable operations teams to effectively analyze and resolve issues.
  • Through ML-powered forecasting (beta), VMware Tanzu Cloud Health will offer deeper cost reductions to enhance budget planning and dynamic Kubernetes rightsizing without downtime.
  • With the introduction of automated policy enforcement and new policy-based automation for landing zone creation on AWS and Azure, VMware Tanzu Guardrails enhances multi-cloud governance.
  • With support for migration evaluation and planning to VMware Clouds and public clouds with planning processes, VMware Tanzu Transformer improves the success of app migration and modernization projects. Third-party integration APIs are being made available in beta.