VMware Tanzu Vs Veeam Kasten

VMware Tanzu Vs Veeam Kasten

Despite having various focuses, VMware Tanzu and Veeam Kasten are both made to assist firms in managing and safeguarding their cloud-native applications.

Veeam Kasten is focused on data management, while VMware Tanzu is focused on application management. The decision between the two frequently depends on the unique demands and requirements of a company.

If a company has to manage both the apps and the data in their cloud-native environment, they may decide to employ both solutions.

VMware Tanzu
VMware Tanzu is a solution to manage Kubernetes container-based applications. With the help of Tanzu, you can build, run and manage these applications.

You have multiple vendors in the market on Kubernetes based application managed products which we came to know when we attended KubeCon EU meet.

When you want to creates a Kubernetes control plane inside the hypervisor layer you need to have the vSphere with Tanzu enabled on a vSphere cluster. A cluster that is enabled for vSphere with Tanzu is called a Supervisor Cluster and contains specific objects that enable the capability to run Kubernetes workloads within ESXi. 

VMware Tanzu has three editions that support modernization and simplifying Kubernetes for the applications. These editions are Tanzu Basic, Tanzu Standard and Tanzu Advanced. Lets check out overview of these three editions offered by VMware Tanzu.

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Veeam Kasten
Kasten K10 is a data management software designed specifically for Kubernetes. It gives enterprise operations teams a simple, scalable, and secure framework for backup/restore, disaster recovery, and Kubernetes application mobility.

On your Kubernetes cluster, Kasten K10 operates in its own namespace. One helm command is used throughout the installation. For easy installation and billing, Kasten K10 now enables marketplace integrations with popular Kubernetes deployments. Air-gapped installation is supported for use on private networks and websites.

By considering the application as the unit of atomicity, Kasten K10 is natively integrated into Kubernetes to instantly find all the application components operating on your cluster.

The application contains state that is shared by databases (NoSQL/relational) and storage volumes, as well as configuration information found in Kubernetes objects like config maps and secrets.

VMware Tanzu Vs Veeam Kasten
Fig 1.1- VMware Tanzu Vs Kasten K10

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