VMware Tanzu : Tech Zone Update

VMware Tanzu : Tech Zone Update

As you are aware, the industry has numerous solutions and products, but there is a shortage of documentation and realistic situations to which you may refer for implementation until you contact the vendor and pay for it.

VMware Tanzu has initiated a new approach as VMware Tanzu Tech Zone to provide you with the full experience on documentation, labs, practical scenarios, and sharing information gathered from the Tanzu Vanguards, experts and many more..

Are you ready ....

VMware Tanzu Tech Zone is a platform that provides technical resources, learning opportunities, and support for IT professionals using VMware products and services. This includes documentation, tutorials, community forums, and access to software downloads and updates.

The new VMware Tanzu Tech Zone was created from the ground up to make learning powerful and practical technical assistance for assessing, installing, and running VMware Tanzu solutions easier than ever.

VMware Tech Zone snapshot
Fig 1.1- Tech Zone

The quickest route to comprehending, assessing, and installing VMware Tanzu solutions is through the new Tanzu Tech Zone. The goal at Tech Zone is to provide you with enlightening and reliable advice on our recently released goods.

The Tanzu Tech Zone can supplement standard VMware Tanzu materials by concentrating on practical product assistance. You can also find any specific product line by putting the filter on as shown below

VMware Tech Zone snapshot
Fig 1.2- Tech Zone

Tanzu Tech Zone also categorized on the basis of the products and the resources inside it like you can have the dedicated resources for TAP, TAS, Kubernetes Grid, Tanzu with vSphere, Mission control and so on as shown below.

VMware Tech Zone snapshot
Fig 1.3- Tech Zone

Thanks for reading this post; as a Vmware Tanzu Vanguard, I want to go further into it to become more familiar with real-world circumstances, new releases, and recommendations and advice from 
VMware Tanzu Tech Zone.

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