Next Level of Secure Connectivity with Cisco+ Secure Connect

Next Level of Secure Connectivity with Cisco+ Secure Connect

Imagine having the ability to seamlessly connect to your work from anywhere, without compromising on security or user experience. That's where Cisco+ Secure Connect comes in the ultimate Service Edge Secure Access (SASE) product that allows you to securely connect users, things, and applications with minimal effort.

Fig 1.1- Cisco+ Secure Connect

Secure Remote Access to Keep Your Business Safe

With Cisco+ Secure Connect, you can securely connect remote workers to your private applications hosted in your data centers or private clouds. Whether it's client-based or clientless (browser-based) remote access services, you can apply policies by user or group to ensure least-privileged access to private applications. Say security threats and hello to a secure remote work experience.

Enhanced Internet Security For Your Business

Cisco+ Secure Connect enhances internet security for users, private applications, and IoT devices with cloud-based advanced protection from malware, phishing attacks, and other threats for both in-office and remote workers. You can enforce internet usage policies and manage access to public SaaS-based applications with ease, making sure that your business is running smoothly and securely.

Site Interconnect for a Seamless Experience

Cisco+ Secure Connect allows you to interconnect sites, users, and applications with native Cisco Meraki Secure SD-WAN and Cisco SD-WAN (vManage) integration, standard IPSec VPN support, and direct SaaS and IaaS Peering. This means that you can now enjoy a seamless experience while working remotely, without compromising your security.

Components of Cisco+ Secure Connect

Traffic Steering
One of the key features of Cisco+ Secure Connect is traffic steering, also known as split tunneling. With inclusion-based or exclusion-based traffic steering rules, you can determine what traffic is sent through the Cisco+ Secure Connect tunnel. This ensures that your sensitive data is protected at all times.

Protecting Clients with Umbrella Roaming Security
Even when the Cisco Connect tunnel is not active, you can still protect your clients with Umbrella Roaming Security. This module allows you to send web traffic to Cisco+ Secure Connect for enhanced security for web-based applications. This ensures that your data is always protected, no matter where it goes.

Clientless Zero Trust Network Access
For situations where installing the Cisco Secure Client on a remote user’s device is not feasible or desirable, Cisco+ Secure Connect offers clientless zero trust network access. This allows you to leverage a web browser for remote access to private web-based applications without requiring users to install any special software or creating inbound rules on your on-premises firewall. This makes it easy to provide secure access to your network from anywhere in the world.

Secure Internet Access with Cisco+ Secure Connect
Cisco+ Secure Connect acts as your secure amp to the internet, providing the first line of defense against internet-based threats. All internet-bound traffic from users, applications, and IoT devices is sent to the Cisco+ Secure Connect Cloud, where it is inspected for both inbound and outbound threats. Using multiple services to detect threats and enforce policies, Cisco+ Secure Connect provides a customizable approach to securing your network.

DNS Security
Blocks name resolution requests to malicious domains before a connection is even established, stopping threats over any port or protocol before they reach your network or endpoints. Cloud-delivered Firewall: Protects traffic across all ports and protocols without performance degradation, and allows you to apply layer 3 and 4 access policies.
Intrusion Prevention System: Uses signature-based detection to examine network traffic flows and take automated actions to catch and drop dangerous packets before they reach their target.

Secure Web Gateway
Specifically protects web traffic over ports 80/443, logging all activity and inspecting web traffic to protect against viruses and malware.

Cloud Access Security Broker
Provides the ability to detect and report on cloud applications in use across your organization, and allows you to block or control usage to better manage cloud adoption and reduce risk.

Data Loss Prevention: Scans all outbound web traffic and blocks sensitive data from leaving your organization or being exposed to malicious attackers in the cloud.

Site Interconnect: Provides intelligent routing between sites connected to Cisco+ Secure Connect, reducing network complexity and ensuring a highly available network fabric.

With Cisco+ Secure Connect, you can rest assured that your network is secure from internet-based threats. Contact us today to learn how Cisco+ Secure Connect can help protect your business.

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