A Beginner's Guide to Zscaler Web Security

A Beginner's Guide to Zscaler Web Security

Organizations can utilize Zscaler' s cloud-based web security platform for internet security, web filtering, and threat protection. Multilayered security measures, such as URL filtering, sandboxing, and threat intelligence, are used to mitigate cyber threats such as malware, phishing, and other forms of malicious online content.

Security incidents and data breaches can be prevented with Zscaler' s secure web gateway that inspects all inbound and outbound web traffic in real-time. There is no limit to the number of users the platform can meet, so it makes it an ideal solution for companies of all sizes when it comes to scalability, flexibility, and ease of management.

Zscaler Web Security
Fig 1.1- Zscaler Web Security

A secured Internet and web gateway are provided as a service by Zscaler Web Security. Zscaler offers a full security stack with every deep protection that businesses need.

Businesses only need to route user traffic to the Zscaler platform to start preventing malware, advanced threats, phishing, browser exploits, malicious URLs and botnets.

Zscaler web security is native to the cloud and was designed for speed. It helps to eliminate network interruption caused by conventional appliance models, reduce MPLS and network expenses, and reinstate security in a network.

Place unified cloud services in a position that includes online security and other features like cloud app management, sandbox, DLP, antivirus, firewall, and filtering. All clients are immediately protected against any danger that is detected anywhere in our cloud. Additionally, Zscaler introduces 120,000 distinct security users to the cloud every day.

With only a microsecond delay, the ByteScan engine, which is owned by Zscaler, analyses each incoming and departing byte, even SSL data that is challenging to scan.

Features of Zscaler web security

  • URL Filtering: Organizations may restrict and keep track of their workers' access to web material using Zscaler' s URL filtering features based on specified policies.
  • Sandboxing: With the help of Zscaler' s sandboxing technology, businesses may securely run questionable files in a supervised setting in order to identify and stop malware outbreaks.
  • Threat intelligence: By using information from many sources, Zscaler' s threat intelligence capabilities offer real-time protection against established and new cyberthreats.
  • Secure web gateway: The secure web gateway from Zscaler monitors all incoming and outgoing online traffic in real-time to thwart security events and data breaches.
  • SSL inspection: Organizations may analyze encrypted web traffic and stop data theft and other security problems by using Zscaler' s SSL inspection capabilities.
  • Reporting and analytics: Organizations can make wise choices regarding their security practices and policies thanks to Zscaler' s reporting and analytics capabilities, which give them insights into their online security posture and trends.

Zscaler manages a worldwide network of security nodes that are placed in key locations to give businesses quick and safe online access.

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