Default route on FortiGate Firewalls

Default route on FortiGate Firewalls

Well now we are going to talk about how to add the default route on FortiGate firewalls. Lets start with the introduction of the FortiGate firewalls followed by the steps to add default route to FortiGate firewalls.

Fortigate Firewalls
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Default route to Fortigate Firewall

Fig 1.1- Default Route

Step 1
To enable your FortiGate to connect to the internet, go to Network > Static Routes and create a new Route.

Fig 1.2 - Default route

Step 2
: Set the destination to a subnet and type an eight-zero IP address. Set the interfaces to the internet-facing interface and the Gateway to the ISP-provided Gateway IP before saving the Route.

So you can easily add the default route to the FortiGate firewalls as per the above procedure.