Cisco SD-WAN internal commands

Cisco SD-WAN internal commands

As today we are going to talk about the hidden commands used in the case of Cisco SDWAN router for some troubleshooting purposes. The recommendation of these commands are basically used by the Cisco TAC engineers. Make sure don't use these commands without discussion with Cisco TAC team.

Fig 1.1- Cisco Viptela vManage Screen

Debugging and troubleshooting Cisco SD-WAN issues is carried out by the Cisco support team using SD-WAN internal commands and manufacturing commands. They are password-protected and hidden.

It is necessary to provide the required command and password in order to access the hidden commands. It is expected that most hidden commands will be removed in the future, as the passwords for them will be deprecated

vEdge # unhide viptela_internal
Password: ************   

To access and execute the hidden internal commands, use the unhide viptela_internal command, and provide the password 5mok!ngk!ll$

After putting the above you can now run the below some of the commands. This may be depreciated in the new version of the code. Check the version as well before using the unhide commands on the device itself.

  • clear app dpi apps 
  • show internal flow-summary 
  • show internal app-route 
  • tools internal mdio-read
  • clear app dpi cache 
  • show internal fp 
  • show internal cellular 
  • tools internal mdio-write
  • clear app dpi protocol-hits 
  • show internal ftm 
  • show internal cfgmgr 
  • tools internal mii-tool
  • clear app dpi summary 
  • show internal gps 
  • show internal cloudexpress 
  • tools internal oui-lookup
  • clear autoip 
  • show internal igmp 
  • show internal container 
  • tools internal poe-tool
  • clear certificate 
  • show internal nat 
  • show internal control 
  • tools internal process_id
  • clear control port-index 
  • show internal omp 
  • show internal cxp-app
  • tools internal remove_tenancy
  • clear dhcp server-packet stats
  • show internal orchestrator 
  • show internal dbgd 
  • tools internal tlv_tool
  • clear pseudo-commit 
  • show internal pim 
  • show internal dhcp 
  • tools internal touch_test_root
  • debug cfgmgr 
  • show internal policy 
  • show internal dnsd 
  • tools internal tracker
  • debug fp dpi 
  • show internal resolv 
  • show internal dot1x 
  • tools internal valgrind_tool
  • debug ftm input_ip_packet 
  • show internal rtm 
  • show internal dpi 
  • tools ping
  • request csr upload ... orgunit 
  • show internal server-app 
  • show internal filter 
  • tools policy
  • request csr upload ... secondary-org-unit 
  • show internal snmp 
  • show internal flow-db 
  • tools traceroute
  • request history 
  • show internal sysmgr 
  • request internal reset 
  • show internal wlan
  • request internal cloudexpress 
  • show internal system 
  • request internal software patch 
  • show internal zbf
  • request internal embargo 
  • show internal tcpopt-db 
  • request internal software patch-confirm 
  • show omp ipv6-routes
  • request internal fec 
  • show internal tcpopt-tcpd 
  • request internal software unpatch 
  • tools flood-ping
  • request internal fp-dump 
  • show internal tracker 
  • request internal vdebug 
  • tools internal clean_db
  • request internal ftm 
  • show internal ttm 
  • request internal vedge-cloud 
  • tools internal container
  • request internal interface-reset
  • show internal tunnel 
  • request internal wlan 
  • tools internal csr_read
  • request internal modem 
  • show internal vrrp