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Cisco Viptela SDWAN: Configure vEdge via CLI when attached to vManage Template

Today I am going to talk about configuring vEdge/cEdge via CLI command line when vEdge/cEdge is attached to the vManage Template. 

Login to the vManage and see the below screen

Fig 1.1- Cisco Viptela vManage Screen

There are two ways of doing it and these ways are
1. Changing mode on the vManage to CLI mode in order to release the configuration from vManage.
2. Use of viptela_internal with the password and control will be taken from the vManage to configure via CLI.

First Way- Changing mode on the vManage to CLI mode

Go to Cisco vManage Dashboard ---> Devices---> Select your device 
Check on the top, you will see the tab named " Change Mode" Click on the tab and click on the CLI mode. 

In this way you can configure vEdge/cEdge via CLI command line.

Second Way-Use of viptela_internal with the password

If you try and configure a Viptela device via the command line while a template is attached to it in vManage you get the following error:

Aborted: ‘system is-vManage’: This device is being managed by the vManage. Configuration through the CLI is not allowed.

To get around this you’ll need to call support because no one will give you the password needed.  But here are the commands that will let you over ride the vManage attached template.

vEdge # unhide viptela_internal
Password: ************   
Make sure and note that this password changes every time a new version of code is released

(config)# no system is_vmanaged

After this you can configure via the command line to your hearts content.

and the other way is to release the control of vManage from vManage itself in order to configure or do changes on the vEdge.

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