Cisco ThousandEyes: Modern Network & their Challenges

Cisco ThousandEyes

Modern Network and their Challenges

We all know networks are evolving at the fast pace. Enterprises are well aware and appreciating the simplified management, faster development and scalability of the cloud environment. These are the driving factors customers are deploying their applications to the cloud with less TCO. Even though, this trend is hot but it brings some of the challenges into an environment.

With this cloud adoption few definitions are getting changed – Now Cloud is a new Data Center; Internet is new Network to manage, and SaaS Applications are new Application stack. With this evolving DC, Internet, and Application stack there are inherent challenges that I covered in my last post.

Traditional Network Monitoring & Visibility

Network administrators from decades are using traditional network monitoring approach that includes Syslog, NetFlow, SNMP, Packet/Flow capturing tools. These standards helped them to get the right level of visibility to their network that they own. But as already stated Internet is new network now and these tools have limited visibility to the cloud or the Internet – this limited visibility is also called Blind Spot. This challenge is because no single ISP own or provide the end-to-end infrastructure to new DC (Cloud) or application stack (SaaS)

Traditional visibility tools only used with hardware that enterprise deploy and are not useful for other network equipment that are provided by cloud provider to the users. Most of the case it could be possible that these tools don’t have insight into hardware that is playing a most critical role in user network and directly impact the user experience.

That highlighted challenges above forms a great need for Digital Experience Monitoring capability. It is true that there is no solution exists that can control the equipment of the underlying infrastructure owned by ISP. Still there is a possibility to monitoring the user experience that is all matters to be business and top concern today.

Fig 1.1- ThousandEyes Agents 

Cisco ThousandEyes is a leading Digital Experience Monitoring solution that provides the real-time view of user experience using various technologies such as Synthetic Traffic Monitoring – Network Visibility, Endpoint and Real User Monitoring. With all these capability in solution ThousandEyes can play a crucial role in an enterprise journey to digital transformation.