Veeam: Welcomed to Veeam Legends Program !

Today, I received an e-mail from Kseniya (Veeam) congratulating me on being selected for the 2021 Veeam Legends Program by the Veeam Team. I am glad i made it.

It is a amazing news that I am selected as a Veeam Legend. Trying to put together valuable technical content which of course takes a lot of work and time commitment but with the appreciation I am happy that i am able to share the information related to the Veeam Products and solutions to all the followers of this blog and will trying to add more and more content related to Veeam Products in future as well.

With the content of Veeam on the blogs, I am an active member of Veeam community and is amazed that now I am a part of the Veeam legend program.

The last and the awesome part is you will get the swag while we are sharing and involving myself in the Veeam community. 

Fig 1.1- Veeam Legends Swag

And my Personal favorite thing is this mug below 

Fig 1.2- Veeam Legends

Veeam Legend program is the great initiative taken by Veeam Team. I would recommend you guys to be the part of the Veeam community in order to select for the Veeam Legends program and of course you will get a lot of information on Veeam products and solutions. 

If you want to be part of the Veeam community, Please go to the below link and register to get the information on products and also involve in day to day activities.

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